Killed Abraxis, saved the Lord of HollowsSimple mobs can kill you in 2 hits and bosses are a pain

Receive the Lord of the Hollows' Final GiftCollect 1,000,000 SoulsCollect 3 Chunks of Adamantine

Be sure to pre-order the game in order to unlock

Kill 666 EnemiesSteam Profiles Games Achievements

Soul Harvester Collect 100,000 SoulsThis Page: Darksiders 3 Final Gift Mysterious Stone Sigil Location Guide; Next Page: Darksiders 3 Humans Locations Guide; Next Page: Darksiders 3 Essence of a Chosen

For Darksiders III on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Abraxis/Lord of Hollows (and some minor stuff) - Help (Spoilers)!"Darksiders 3 will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Nov

Does beating all

You can choose to fight him or not

In the ending, that seems to have been the correct choice? Lord of Hollows revealed that he used to be on the Charred Council

He even calmly explains why it's likely she's been hired to kill him and gives her his side of the story and the option to just walk away without a fuss, only fighting ifDarksiders III - Where to find every human to rescue

Receive the Lord of the Hollows' Final Gift: All That Glitters (30 GP) Defeat Avarice: BFA (10 GP) Unlock Everything: Community Outreach (25 GP) Save 15 Humans: Crowd

Do NOT kill Usiel when he joins the Lust fight, or you'll miss the trophy

To get the Mysterious Stone Sigil

There is an area guarded by this giant demon fromWhile most of Darksiders 3 is fairly linear, there is a notable side quest that you’ll want to make

Be sure to pre-order the game in order to unlock

Kill or spare Abraxis but you have to spare the Lord of HollowsMysterious Stone SigilThere are four endings in the

Collect 100,000 Souls