Basically I have a big LCD tv made by LG that I got back in 2009I was wondering how could i clean the screen as I have the cloth that came with the tv but the smudges

The tech is different, but safe cleaning methodology is the samePlasma technologyIt also does a great job at cleaning the whole keyboard and outside of the laptop

Do not use paper towels on an LCD screen as they can scratch the screen

If you let the TV contact rubber or vinyl materials for a long time, the TV may deteriorate or its paint may peel offIf these glass panels crack, yourTV screen will be ruined

Note for above, I've read that a 50 percent water/isopropyl will be ok for cleaning the lcd monitorTurn off the monitor

If you've noticed a tiny discolored spot on your computer screen that just doesn't seem to go away, chances are you have a stuck pixelHow to clean residue off lcd screen? May 6, 2010 12:29 PM Subscribe Somebody apparently tried to clean my laptop's screen with something inappropriate, and the result isStarting at the top the LCD screen, begin wiping the cigarette smoke from the surface

Watch streaming Internet TV or other media content on your home television set! This tutorial shows you how to set up a connection between your computer monitor and yourI have also some Philips cleaning gel designed for laptops, LCD and plasma screen monitors and TVs

We have never cleaned it because were not sure what to useCloudy Spots In Lcd Tv Screens, Cloudy Area On Lcd Tv Screen, How To Remove Grey Cloudy Spot On Tv Screen, Dark Cloudy Spot On Tv, Dark Areas On Tv Screen Gets Cloudy

Turn off the monitorThe air vents on the back of the television for ventilation and cooling purposes provide an avenue for dust to get into the set while it is off

I use it on my Hi-Def TV and use it to clean the LCD screens on the laptopsOrdinary household window or kitchen cleaners, should

Dampen your piece of soft cloth with your cleaning mixture and then wipe the display gently from top to bottom★ Use an LCD TV screen protector which will protect your screen from any

Every LCD monitor I've investigated came with a manual that included instructions on how to clean the screenTried connecting it back up to the system

We recommend you clean your TV screen and frame with a soft lint free clothI use 2 micro fibre cloths, the windowlean one is the best I have

Step-by-step Make sure your flat screen TV is turned off - you don't want to interfere with any pixelsThings you may require to clean your LCDStarting at the top the LCD screen, begin wiping the cigarette smoke from the surface

Always spray onto

An LCD (liquid crystal display) consists of a soft filmHow to Clean an LCD ScreenI have these dark splotchy areas on one side of my LCD TV

Thanx!! These are just some of the simple DIY ways to fix simple computer screen or LCD TV scratches